Khojaly Branch to be the Fifth Carpet Manufacturing Workshop in Territories Where IDPs are Settled

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11.11.2019 - 12:37

On November 5, 2019, President Ilham Aliyev signed a Decree on the construction of a carpet manufacturing workshop, its equipment with machinery and its infrastructure for the Khojali branch in the Yukhari Agjakend settlement of Goranboy district.

In accordance with the Decree, 2.0 (two) million AZN of the amount specified in the subparagraph 1.24.14 of the "Distribution of the Means Envisaged for the State-owned Funds (investment costs) for Other Projects in the State Budget of the Republic of Azerbaijan for 2019" (Approved by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan No 890, dated January 15, 2019) is allotted to Azerkhalcha Open Joint Stock Company.

Measures have been taken to implement the Decree in a short period of time, and appropriate technical documents have been prepared.

On November 9, a meeting was held with the Khojaly weavers in Ashagi Agjakend settlement of Goranboy district.

The event was opened by Vahid Aliyev, the Deputy Head of Khojaly District Executive Administration.

Head of Khojaly District Executive Administration Shahmar Usubov, and First Deputy Head of Goranboy District Executive Administration Ceyhun Hasanov spoke about the importance of establishing Khojaly branch of Azerkhalcha, and the work done to solve the social problems of Khojaly population settled in different districts of the country, and improving their welfare.

Professor Vidadi Muradov, the Chairman of the Board of the Azerkhalcha Open Joint Stock Company, congratulated the participants on the National Flag Day and spoke about the work done in the field of carpet weaving in recent years. He emphasized that with the care and assistance of President Ilham Aliyev, Azerbaijani carpet weaving has entered a new chapter in its growth path. Established in 2016, the Azerkhalcha OJSC already has 21 branches operating throughout the country. When branches were set up, preference was given to the carpet centers having historical traditions and the areas where there are more professional weavers. The President once again stated at the opening ceremony of the Gabala branch of the Azerkhalcha OJSC that more than 30 carpet factories should be built in the country. In accordance with the relevant Decree of the President, Khojaly branch of Azerkhalcha OJSC will be established in 2020.

Vidadi Muradov added that the establishment of the similar factories in Karabakh, in the historical center of carpet weaving, is underway. This is a very important factor both in terms of providing employment for internally displaced persons and the survival of Karabakh carpets. Khojaly is also one of the historical carpet centers of Karabakh. The original Karabakh carpets have been woven in Khojaly's Mesheli, Jamilli, Kosalar, Bashkend, Yaloba, Javadlar, Janhasan residential settlements. Armenian vandals committed the worst genocide of the 20th century in Khojaly and destroyed this ancient city completely. During the Armenian aggression against Khojaly, our carpets representing our ancient history, were also demolished. The establishment of this branch will give Khojaly carpets their second lives.

Basti Guliyeva, an IDP from Khojaly, expressed her gratitude to the President for the care shown to them. She expressed her confidence that our occupied lands would be liberated soon, the IDPs would return to their homeland, and similar carpet factories would be established in Khojaly.

Then the construction site of the branch building was reviewed, and a decision was made to start the construction as soon as possible.

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