Japanese Entrepreneurs Show Interest in Azerbaijani Carpets

  • 24 October
  • 14:52
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24.10.2019 - 14:52

Azerkhalcha Open Joint Stock Company is taking important steps to promote its products in the international carpet market. Azerkhalcha participates in the international carpet-sale exhibitions in various countries, and cooperates with world-renowned magazines - "Hali" and "Carpet XL" for the promotion of Azerbaijani carpets. As a result, Japanese companies specializing in this field are already showing interest in Azerbaijani carpets.

Orkhan Rzayev, the Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Joint Stock Company told the guests that 21 branches of Azerkhalcha are operating currently. These branches produce high-quality wool carpets of different sizes. So far, 14,000 square meters of carpets have been woven.

Yoshiaki Morikava, the President of the “Chiyoda Jyutan” company gave detailed information about the work of his company and the purpose of his visit to Azerbaijan. It was noted that the company imports carpets to Japan. It was revealed during the research conducted by the company's specialists that carpets produced in Azerbaijan are of high-quality and in demand in the Japanese market. Therefore, they are interested in the imports of the Azerkhalcha’s products to Japan.

Aziz Kan, the Executive Director of Sathi Group, emphasized that Japan has good potential for carpet sale. He added that the company imports carpets from different countries around the world. Looking at the carpets made here, we noticed that the original Azerbaijani carpets are very unique. These carpets are distinguished for their pattern elements, color palette and originality. We believe that Azerbaijani carpets will have a lot of customers if we take them to the Japanese market.

The guests then looked at the carpets woven at various branches of the Joint Stock Company and purchased 10 carpets initially.
An agreement was reached on the establishment of cooperation between Azerkhalcha and these companies, and ideas were exchanged on the prospects of taking Azerbaijani carpets to the Japanese market.