New Carpets Completed at the Branches of Azerkhalcha

  • 16 October
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16.10.2019 - 16:46

150th carpet was taken off the loom at Kurdamir branch of Azerkhalcha Open Joint Stock Company; 250th carpet was finalized at Agstafa branch, and 300th carpet was completed at Tovuz branch.

Vidadi Muradov, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Joint Stock Company, attended the events held on these occasions.
At the event held in Kurdamir, it was reported that more than 350 square meters of carpets have been woven so far at this branch since it launched operating at the end of the last year. 75 weavers working here do their best to produce quality carpets.

Congratulating the staff on the 150th carpet, the Chairman of the Board said that Azerbaijani weavers pay special attention to the carpet “cutting” process. Weavers always mark this as a special occasion with a festive mood. Weavers of Azerkhalcha continue this tradition that has been observed for centuries.

Vidadi Muradov said that ideal conditions for the staff of the branch allow to weave high quality carpets. Therefore, it is important to pay close attention to the quality factor. Most of the employees of the Kurdamir branch are professional weavers. We have high expectations of them. Experienced weavers should work hard to help young people learn the secrets of this art.

It was noted that this territory is one of the historical carpet centers of Azerbaijan. Shirvan carpets woven in the village of Shilyan of Kurdamir district were particularly popular. It is no coincidence that the majority of weavers working here are the residents of Shilyan village.

The Chairman of the Board wished the team success in their future work.

Weaver Jale Nasirova thanked the President for the care shown to them and the conditions created for them.

It was noted at the event held in Agstafa that about 100 weavers work in this carpet-making workshop. The Gazakh-Borchali group of the Azerbaijani carpets is given priority here. Over 1,000 square meters of carpets have been woven at the branch during its operation.

It was stated at the event that the carpet samples of the Gazakh-Borchali group, which are now the decoration of the most popular museums and private collections in the world, are the most valuable examples of the ancient Azerbaijani culture. Gazakh-Borchali carpets hold a special place among the Azerbaijani carpets attracting the interest of foreign collectors.

The team is working hard to restore the fame of these carpets and to produce the ones that are worthy of the carpets our grandmothers wove. The aim is to create new examples of beautiful Gazakh-Borchali carpets.

It was emphasized that our government has created all the necessary conditions for the production of such carpets. Agstafa weavers have never had a modern carpet manufacturing workshop like this one.

Then the 250th carpet woven at the branch was cut off the loom.

A similar event was held at the Tovuz branch. Here, the 300th carpet was cut off the loom.

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