Agdam branch of Azerkhalcha Holds Event Called “Both Karabakh and Karabakh Carpets Belong to Azerbaijan”

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14.10.2019 - 15:37

The statement "Karabakh is Azerbaijan and exclamation mark" made by President Ilham Aliyev at the plenary session of the 16th annual meeting of the Valdai International Discussion Club in Sochi was a strong response to the recent nonsensical statements made by the Armenian leadership. With this, the Armenian society was given the message that it should abandon its dream as the invading country. Monuments, ancient written sources, and other irrefutable facts that have been destroyed by most of the Armenian vandals all prove that Karabakh is a historic land of Azerbaijan. Carpets woven here through centuries and patterns embedded in these carpets also show that Karabakh is one of the ancient cultural centers of Azerbaijan.

These ideas were expressed at the event held in Agdam branch of "Azerkhalcha" Open Joint Stock Company.
Vidadi Muradov, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Joint Stock Company spoke about the history of Karabakh carpet weaving, and the measures taken by our state to support and promote Karabakh carpets. It was noted that carpet weaving occupies a leading place among the many art fields in Karabakh. Each carpet woven here is a striking example of the rich imagination and talent of Karabakh artists. Centuries-old traditions are reflected in numerous original carpet designs from the Karabakh group of Azerbaijani carpets. As in other Azerbaijani carpet groups, Karabakh carpets have ancient Turkish stamps also. There exists no Karabakh carpet without a Turkish stamp.

It was reported that during the Armenian aggression against Azerbaijan 20% of our lands were occupied, our ancient monuments were destroyed, and our national wealth was looted. Our carpets, which are among our national wealth looted by the enemy, have been falsified and presented to the world community as the artifact of Armenia. The events carried out by the State of Azerbaijan in recent years in relation to carpet weaving have also prevented this fraud by Armenians. Now the whole world knows that Karabakh is the land of Azerbaijan, and carpets woven here are the examples of ancient art belonging to our people.

Muradov emphasized that the establishment of the first branch of "Azerkhalcha" in Karabakh - in Horadiz city of Fuzuli district - is not a coincidence. This is the result of the approach of our government to carpet weaving as a powerful ideological factor. After Fuzuli branch was opened, three more carpet workshops of the Joint-Stock Company were launched in Karabakh’s Agdam, Tartar and Jabrayil districts. President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev attended the opening ceremony of the Fuzuli and Agdam branches of Azerkhalcha and First Vice President Mehriban Aliyeva took part at the opening of the Agdam workshop. About 250 weavers working in these branches give new life to the ancient Karabakh carpets.

It was stressed that by voicing the "Karabakh is Azerbaijan and exclamation mark" statement at the international event, President Ilham Aliyev once again brought it to the attention of the international community that the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan is not the subject of discussion. This was another confirmation of Azerbaijan being a powerful state and determination of the head of state on the international platform.

Muradov said that the statement "Karabakh is Azerbaijan and exclamation mark" covers Karabakh's history, its material and spiritual culture, ethnography, as well as Karabakh carpet weaving.

At the event, Gulrabe Huseynova, the experienced weaver, former carpet weaver at Agdam carpet factory, expressed gratitude to the head of state for the conditions created, and showed confidence that the recent statements by the President of Azerbaijan at international events increase our hope that our lands will be liberated soon. It is true that our government has done everything possible for the well-being of IDPs. For us, a modern carpet factory is established in Guzanli settlement. However, our greatest wish is to return to our homeland. We are assured that as a result of our President's domestic and foreign policies, our lands will soon be liberated from occupation. We will open carpet shops in Shusha, Agdam, Khojali, and will donate this factory to the residents of Guzanli, and will work in Agdam.

Then, issues related to the production were discussed, forthcoming tasks were highlighted and the importance of high-quality carpet production was emphasized.

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