International Experience Employed in Wool Supply

  • 30 September
  • 17:25
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30.09.2019 - 17:25

One of the Regional Centers of Supply of Wool and Dye Plants of the Azerkhalcha Open Joint Stock Company was also established in Barda. The supply center has been serving Agdam, Fuzuli, Beylagan, Agjabadi, Tartar, Goranboy, Dashkesen, Gadabay, Goygol, Shamkir, Tovuz, Gazakh, Agstafa and Yevlakh since May this year. The process of wool gathering is underway at the supply center.
Chairman of the Board of the Joint Stock Company Vidadi Muradov visited the regional station in Barda and was interested in the supply of wool with the participation of foreign experts. It was noted during the inspection that experts were invited from Turkey to ensure the operation of the Wool Spinning-Dye Factory in Sumgait Chemical Industrial Park. These specialists will form the human resources of the industry by training local specialists for both the factory and the supply stations. They are experienced professionals specializing in this field. The goal is to apply international experience in Azerbaijan.

It was stated that only once a year, the supply of wool that is at least 8 centimeters long is organized for the wool sheared from the back of the live sheep. So far, about 100 tons of wool have been received. Out of this, 45 tons of wool has been sorted and made ready for delivery to the Wool Spinning-Dye Factory.

It has been reported that the products brought to the regional center are sorted by color and size. After being sorted, special labels are put on the wool product to be sent to the factory in Sumgait. Labels contain information about the color of the wool, the date of its adoption, the region of its origin, its weight, type (coarse and gentle), and dampness.
Ali Koroglu and Ismayil Joruh, the experts invited from Turkey, talked about the quality of wool accepted to the regional center and the work done to improve the professionalism of the employees.

The Chairman of the Board gave instructions to strictly adhere to the standards set for high quality wool supplies at the station.
It should be noted that all necessary conditions have been created for the employees at the station, where administrative rooms and a cafeteria are put into operation. The employees of the station are provided with a uniform.
Every year, 300 tons of wool will be delivered to the supply center.

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