Wool collected in the regional offices delivered to the factory in Sumgayit

  • 26 September
  • 11:35
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26.09.2019 - 11:35

Azerkhalcha OJSC continues to collect wool in the districts of the country. Suppliers deliver wool collected from all districts of the country to the regional wool and dye plant supply stations in Nakhchivan, Barda, Gobustan, Sabirabad and Shabran districts. About 1,500 tons of dirty wool are received at these stations annually.

The product delivered to the regional station is sorted by color and size. After being sorted, special tags are placed on them. They contain information about the color of the wool, the date of its acceptance, the region of its origin, weight, type (coarse and fine), moistness. The wool collected at the stations will be delivered to the Wool Spinning and Dye Factory in Sumgayit. After certain production processes, part of the wool will be used to produce 250 tons of yarn. It is planned to produce 350 tons of clean wool to be sold as raw material.

The process of handing wool to the Wool Spinning and Dye Factory began on September 25.

Vidadi Muradov, the Chairman of the Board of Azerkhalcha Open Joint Stock Company, was involved in the process of receiving wool at the factory.

It was said that the wool, first collected at the Gobustan regional supply center for wool and dye plants, is delivered to the factory.

The Chairman of the Board, who was also familiar with the work implemented at the factory, was informed that major construction works had already been completed. The factory is fully ready for the installation of the equipment for manufacturing facilities needed for washing, drying, combing, spinning and dyeing of wool to be accepted. The installation of the equipment will begin soon.

The Chairman of the Board gave instructions to strictly comply with the standards set for wool production when accepting wool at the stations and the factory, and to speed up the installation of the equipment at the factory.

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