Carpets of five more branches of Azerkhalcha accepted

  • 24 June
  • 16:34
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24.06.2019 - 16:34

Another round of carpet reception was held at "Azerkhalcha" Open Joint Stock Company on June 24. The carpets woven in Gabala, Ismayilli, Gobustan, Absheron and Nardaran branches of Joint Stock Company were accepted.

Neva Agalieva, the chief of the Creative Art and Quality Control Department of Azerkhalcha, said that a total of 106 carpets from these branches were brought in. Six of them were from Gabala branch, 20 from Ismayilli branch, 14 from Gobustan branch, 21 from Absheron branch, and 45 from Nardaran branch.

During the reception, carpets are evaluated by experts for their quality. The quality of the carpets is determined by the proper weaving in accordance with their designs, density and accuracy of the layout, the accuracy of the hinges, and the precise wefts.

It was noted that Shirvan group of carpets are primarily woven in the Gabala, Ismayilli and Gobustan branches. Baku group of carpets are given priority in Absheron and Nardaran branches. 1,336 sq. meter carpets have been woven in the Ismayilli and Gabala branches since their operation in 2017; and 441.4 square meters of carpets have been woven in the workshops in Gobustan, Absheron and Nardaran since they were opened last year. The weavers work hard for producing quality products.

Then, the quality of the carpets brought for reception was discussed. Experts concluded that carpets woven in Ismayilli were of better quality.

Speaking about the importance of accepting carpets made in Azerkhalcha branches with the participation of specialists, Vidadi Muradov, Chairman of the Management Board of the Joint Stock Company, said that this process had a positive effect on the increase of productivity and the manufacture of high-quality products. It was noted that, this allows them to discuss the achievements in carpet making, and the shortcomings in the production.

The chairman of the board said that regular training courses organized by Azerkhalcha provided the opportunity for training professional carpet makers. The professional weavers working in the branches of the Joint Stock Company make rugs in accordance with the ancient carpet weaving traditions and the requirements of the world market.

Vidadi Muradov said that the carpets woven in the workshop in Ismayilli were distinguished and thanked the staff and wished them further successes in their future work.

The chairman of the board gave instructions on the production of high-quality products in the branches and strict adherence to disciplinary rules.

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