More than 150 square meters of carpets woven in Nakhchivan branch of Azerkhalcha

  • 12 June
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12.06.2019 - 14:46

One of the 20 branches of Azerkhalcha Open Joint-Stock Company established in recent years operates in Nakhchivan city. In a short period of time more than 150 square meters of carpets have been woven at the branch that started operating at the end of the last year.

Modern working conditions have been created for the weavers in the branch building built in accordance with the Decree of President Ilham Aliyev, dated 15 February 2018,"On the construction and supply of a carpet production workshop and the establishment of its infrastructure in Nakhchivan city." 150 weavers and 14 administrative workers will be employed in the branch. At the initial stage, more than 60 weavers have already been employed. These employees took part in the training courses organized by Azerkhalcha OJSC and received certificates. The weavers of the branch are mainly the residents of Nakhchivan city. In addition, weavers from Gahab, Shikhmahmud, Shakarabad, Vaykhir villages of Babek district, and Salasuz village of Shahbuz also work here. A vehicle has been allocated to ensure the convenient transportation of the branch staff.

The Nakhchivan group of Azerbaijani carpets are given priority here.

Farida Gurbanova, who works as a carpet weaver in the branch, was sent to Nakhchivan from Baku. Following her teaching the secrets of this art at the training courses organized by Azerkhalcha, she started working as a master weaver in the Nakhchivan branch. Farida Gurbanova says that Nakhchivan is one of the historical carpet weaving centers in Azerbaijan. "Therefore, most of the weavers involved in the course were able to weave carpets. We did our utmost for them to master the secrets of this art more profoundly. We taught young people to weave carpets. Now those working in our branch make carpets like professional weavers. So far, 23 carpets have been woven by our weavers."

Raziye Adigozelova, a weaver from Gahab village of Babek district, says that her interest in this art began when she was still a child by looking at the carpets woven by her grandmother and mother. She learned a lot from them. She took part in the carpet-weaving course at the Nakhchivan Regional Vocational Education Center in 2013, and last year she gained the secrets of this art at the courses organized by Azerkhalcha Open Joint Stock Company. Raziye Adigozelova expresses her gratitude to our state for providing a workplace for them by establishing a carpet production workshop in Nakhchivan.

Weaver Naila Tahirova speaks well of the conditions created for them. She says: "Carpet weaving is a difficult job, and requires patience, attention and persistence. Good conditions are required to make a good carpet. Thanks go to our government for the establishment of our carpet production workshop in Nakhchivan, which has all needed conditions for us. We are grateful to Mr. Ilham Aliyev, the President of Azerbaijan for this."

Weaver Natavan Zeyniyeva, who joined the conversation, said that the creation of Nakhchivan branch of Azerkhalcha has a great impact on the development of carpet weaving in the autonomous republic. According to her accounts, although there was some work done to stimulate carpet weaving at home in the past, it did not cover all carpet weavers. The establishment of this branch enabled the survival of the carpet-making industry in Nakhchivan, as well as provided jobs for those in this field.

It should be noted that the history of carpet weaving in Nakhchivan goes back to ancient times. As in other regions of Azerbaijan, carpet weaving in Nakhchivan reached its highest level of development in the 18th and early 20th centuries. Care given to the development of this field during the years of independence has opened wide opportunities for the study of carpet-weaving history in Nakhchivan, and as a result of the researches, Nakhchivan carpets have been characterized as a separate group.

The creation of a carpet production factory in the autonomous republic contributes greatly to the development and survival of the carpet weaving field in Nakhchivan. The team of the branch diligently makes quality carpets to return the previous glory of Nakhchivan carpets.

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