Carpets of Gazakh, Tovuz and Shamkir branches of Azerkhalcha received

  • 18 June
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18.06.2019 - 15:00

The quality of carpets woven in carpet production workshops should be taken seriously. The carpets should be woven in accordance with the designs submitted to the workshop, and the stages of carpet-making should be carried out according to the standards. These were sounded during the carpet reception at the central office of Azerkhalcha Open Joint Stock Company on June 18.

The carpets woven in the branches of Azerkhalcha were accepted with the participation of specialists.

The work of the branches and the quality of the products were discussed during the reception of carpets woven in the workshops of the Joint-Stock Company operating in Gazakh, Tovuz and Shamkir.

Neva Agalieva, the chief of the Creative Art and Quality Control Department of Azerkhalcha, said that Gazakh-Borchali group carpets are given priority in the Gazakh and Tovuz branches; Ganja group of Azerbbaijani carpets are mostly woven in Shamkir branch. Weavers try to produce high quality carpets. There’s a production competition among our branches.

A total of 3079 square meters of carpets have been made in these branches which started functioning in 2017. Out of them, 890 square meter carpets were woven in Gazakh; 1,000 square meters were made in Tovuz and 1189 square meters were woven in Shamkir branch. These figures refer to those carpets that have been removed from the looms after they were finalized.

Providing some information about the carpets delivered, Neva Agalieva said that 10 carpets came from Gazakh branch, 17 from Tovuz and 16 from Shamkir. Among these carpets, the best are the products made in Gazakh branch.

It was noted that the quality of the carpets depends on different factors; are they woven according to the designs? Is their density to the standards? And so on. It is good that carpets woven in these branches fully meet technical and artistic standards.

Vidadi Muradov, the chairman of Azerkhalcha Open Joint-Stock Company, spoke about the work done in the development of carpet weaving in recent years. It was emphasized that with the attention and care of the President of Azerbaijan, the carpet weaving art of Azerbaijan is experiencing a new era of development. The modern state of Azerbaijan restored the historical tradition to bring the old fame of hand-made national carpets back, and to transform them into an international brand. Azerkhalcha Open Joint-Stock Company was established and its 20 branches started functioning. The work done in this direction is successfully carried on. One of the main tasks set forth in the "State Program for the Protection and Development of Carpet Art in the Republic of Azerbaijan for 2018-2022" is the export of our carpets as a country brand to the world market. The creation, development and promotion of the "Azerbaijan carpet" ("Azərbaycan xalçası") brand was entrusted to the Ministry of Economy and "Azerkhalcha" Open Joint Stock Company. We have carried out significant work in this direction with the support of the Ministry of Economy. The "Azerbaijan carpet" brand has already been created. Now our carpets with national patterns exported to the world market are sold under the name of "Azerbaijan Brand". This doubles our responsibility. Our carpet weavers should make beautiful carpets in return for the care they are given.

Vidadi Muradov said that accepting carpets woven in the branches of Azerkhalcha with the participation of experts is of great importance. This is the case in the world practice. The quality of carpets is discussed during the admission process. This leads to the fact that the points missed are not repeated in the future.

The chairman of the board gave instructions to pay serious attention to the production of high-quality products, and to award the best weavers of all three branches. 

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