Branches of Azerkhalcha Celebrate Novruz holiday

  • 19 March
  • 17:43
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19.03.2019 - 17:43

The Azerkhalcha Open Joint Stock Company held events in connection with the Novruz Holiday on March 19.

First, a holiday bonfire was lighted. Then, a congratulatory message from the management of the Joint Stock Company was delivered to the branch employees during the event.

The speakers stated that Novruz is one of the oldest holidays with deep historical roots. This holiday is connected with the national existence of our people essentially. As usual, our nation is greeting Novruz, the symbol of our national and historical traditions, with great joy this year. As President Ilham Aliyev said in his congratulatory message to our people on March 18: “Each arrival of spring in our country is celebrated in accordance with centuries-old celebrations. In a time when the wave of globalization is widespread and traditional values are undergoing fast changes, Novruz has become the illustration of our attachment to our historical-cultural heritage. It is a source of pride for each of us that Novruz was included in the list of masterpieces of universal heritage by UNESCO.”

It was emphasized that the carpet weavers of Azerbaijan have been celebrating Novruz holiday with double joy for the past few years. Carpet workshops, created with great care and attention by our government, played an important role in the maintenance of carpet weaving, the employment of weavers and the improvement of their wellbeing.

The speakers expressed gratitude to the President for the care given to carpet weaving, the improvement of the material well-being of our people for the celebration of Novruz in the true festive mood and the increase of wages and pensions on the eve of the holiday.

The event continued behind the holiday table.

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