Preparatory-training Courses for Weavers to Work in New Carpet Production Workshop in Ismayilli Begin

  • 19 March
  • 14:41
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19.03.2019 - 14:41

Preparation of employees for the carpet production workshop that is being built in Ismayilli in accordance with the relevant decree of President Ilham Aliyev has already started. The training courses took start In the Ismayilli branch of Azerkhalcha, that was put into operation last year with the participation of the President.

Vidadi Muradov, the Chairman of the Board of Azerkhalcha Open Joint-Stock Company attended the event held on this occasion.

The director of Ismayilli branch of Azerkhalcha OJSC, Zenfira Alasgarova, said that about 100 weavers work in the branch. More than 30 women interested in weaving have been involved in the training course so far. It is planned to prepare 200 weavers approximately by the end of this year. Necessary conditions for organizing the training course at a high level have been established in the branch.

Mahmud Suleymanov, the Deputy Head of the Executive Power of Ismayilli district, said that the Executive Power is ready to provide any kind of support to Azerkhalcha Open Joint Stock Company to involve people in the training courses. The employees of the Executive Power talked with people interested in weaving in the towns and villages of the district and identified the ones wanting to attend the course.

Vidadi Muradov, the Chairman of the Board of Azerkhalcha OJSC, first congratulated the event participants on Novruz holiday. He said that it is no coincidence that the event serving the Azerbaijani national carpets is held on the eve of our national holiday Novruz. This is an indication that both national values are very precious to us.

It was emphasized that Ismayilli is one of the historical carpet weaving centers of Azerbaijan. As President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev said at the opening ceremony of Ismayilli branch of Azerkhalcha, “Carpet weaving traditions of Ismayilli district are very rich and ancient. It is great that you have given this art its new life, and you are still maintaining it. Future generations need to master this art, also. I mean, the carpet weaving art is our national wealth. Azerbaijani carpets are internationally recognized and presented in leading world museums.”

It was stated that the art of carpet weaving was historically developed in the Shirvan district, where ancient statehood traditions were established. Rich dye plants have had a positive impact on the development of carpet weaving in Shirvan. Carpets woven in Shirvan are memorized with their original artistic designs, and color choices. The weavers working in Ismayilli follow these traditions and make their contribution to the carpet weaving art by weaving our forgotten ancient designs.

Speaking about state care shown for the development of carpet weaving, Vidadi Muradov said that 20 branches of Azerkhalcha have started operating in the districts of our republic in recent years. Modern working conditions have been created for weavers in the branch offices. A second carpet production workshop will be put into operation in Ismayilli this year.

It was noted that in addition to the establishment of carpet-making workshops in the districts of the republic, the training of personnel is also taken seriously. The Azerkhalcha Open Joint Stock Company sets up educational-training courses in the cities and districts where branches are built. More than 2,000 weavers have been involved in these courses up to now. Graduates of the training courses receive certificates and are employed in the branches of the Company. Those who successfully complete this course will receive a certificate also and will be provided with work in carpet making workshops in Ismayilli.

The course participants expressed their gratitude to the President of Azerbaijan for the care and attention shown to the carpet making art and promised that they will master the carpet weaving secrets and will do their best to preserve this art.

Then the event participants visited the Ismayilli branch of Azerkhalcha to observe the process of work.