Azerkhalcha Restores Carpet-weaving Traditions in Nardaran

  • 11 March
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11.03.2019 - 17:24

A branch of Azerkhalcha Open Joint Stock Company was set up in Nardaran settlement of Sabunchu district of Baku in 2018 by the decree of Ilham Aliyev, the President of Azerbaijan.

This branch began operating at the end of the last year. The Baku group of Azerbaijani carpets are basically given priority here.

On March 11, Chairman of Azerkhalcha Open Joint-Stock Company Vidadi Muradov met with the weavers of Nardaran branch.

Suraye Rzayeva, the director of the branch, a third-class “For Serving Homeland” order holder, and weaver, said that over 50 weavers are employed here. It was stated that the designs belonging to Baku group have been sustained by national craftsmen for thousands of years. Carpet specialists value these carpets for their high density. Baku carpets consist of geometric elements mainly. Currently, the weavers of Nardaran working in the branch give a new life to the ancient carpet weaving traditions, and try to make the finest carpets.

It was noted that, educational training courses were organized for the weavers of the Nardaran branch as in other branches of Azerkhalcha. More than 150 weavers were involved in these courses.

Gunesh Nabizade, the young weaver, who mastered carpet weaving lessons in these courses, said they were grateful to our state for the care and attention given to the development of carpet weaving, and for their employment: “We, the members of the young generation, are proud of the fact that we are contributing to the revival of carpet weaving, our national value.  Our President created this condition for us. He participates in the opening ceremonies of the branches of Azerkhalcha and talks to weavers. Our team is also looking forward to that day.”

Arzu Haligova, who has been engaged in carpet weaving for many years, said that carpet weavers of Azerbaijan have never received the attention and care they are getting today: “The care and attention to carpet weaving in our country in recent years has been shared with Nardaran settlement, where carpets are woven in every household. The establishment of Nardaran branch of Azerkhalcha brought joy to all the residents of the settlement. We used to make carpets at home, but it is difficult to create good conditions at home for weaving rugs. All the necessary conditions are created in our factory for us. Whatever we say, won’t be enough to thank our government.”

Talking about the importance of the training courses organized by Azerkhalcha, weaver Sabina Malikova said that they learned how to make beautiful carpets in these courses. “Along the history of carpet weaving, the professional masters taught us the secrets of carpet weaving also. This is a very important issue. Now we understand the meaning and history of the designs we weave,” she added.

Vidadi Muradov, the Chairman of the Company's Executive Board, stated that the branch of Azerkhalcha established here was another form of care of the President for the Nardaran people. Enormous work has been done in this settlement in recent years, and measures have been taken to improve the well-being of the residents here. A branch office of Azerkhalcha was also established as part of these events. This building was constructed according to the Decree dated March 10, 2018 of the President of Azerbaijan. In accordance with the Decree, funds were allocated to the Azerkhalcha Open Joint-Stock Company from the principal capital investment in the state budget for the construction of a carpet-making shop in the Sabunchu district, its supply with equipment and benches and infrastructure. Signed a year ago, the Decree was successfully implemented and the construction of the high-quality carpet production studio was completed. Carpets are already being woven here. The branch has created modern working conditions for the work of 150 weavers and 14 administrative workers. The team will fully be formed in a short period of time. We are inviting weavers living in Nardaran and nearby territories to work in this branch. The residents of the settlement welcomed the establishment of this branch. The number of people wanting to work in the branch grows day by day. 

Vidadi Muradov expressed confidence that fine and high-quality carpets will be woven in the Nardaran branch and wished the team success.

We need to note that the building consists of a textile workshop, a warehouse, a canteen, a medical room, a conference room, a carpet shop and other sections. Azerbaijani carpets are made on the basis of our ancient designs on 43 benches in different sizes here.

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