Tovuz Branch of Azerkhalcha Expanding its Work Day by Day

  • 01 February
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01.02.2019 - 12:47

The western region of Azerbaijan is one of the regions where carpet weaving is prevalent. Historically, carpets of Gazakh-Borchali and Ganja groups have been made in this area. Carpets belonging to the Gazakh-Borchali group are different according to their diverse indicators - colors, density, designs and decoration elements. The Gazakh-Borchali carpet group of Azerbaijan includes Gazakh, Agstafa, Tovuz districts, and ancient Azerbaijani lands - Borchali-Garayazi, that are currently in the territory of Georgia.

One of the branches of Azerkhalcha Open Joint-Stock Company, established in the western part of the country – in Tovuz produces Azerbaijani carpets of Gazakh-Borchali Group. Most of the weavers of this branch are the residents of Duz Jırdakhan, Donuk Girigli, Govlar, Ashagi Mulkulu, Alibeyli, Khatinli, Ashagi Oysuzlu villages and Tovuz city.

Saritel Khalilova, the director of the branch, says that the establishment of a carpet production workshop in Tovuz is noteworthy in terms of giving women jobs and transferring our ancient art to the future generations. "Weavers working in the branch have improved their knowledge and skills at the training courses organized by Azerkhalcha. During the operation of the branch, new carpets have been made on the basis of the ancient carpet designs of the Gazakh-Borchali group. Our weavers gave new life to "Dash Salahli", "Shikhli", "Oysuzlu", "Dağ Kesemen", and "Garachop" carpets woven here in the past by weaving them on the basis of designs made by the carpet artists of Azerkhalcha. This is revisiting the history and tradition, and preserving national values. We are able to achieve this thanks to the great care and attention given to the carpet weaving art by our state.”

"The establishment of a carpet workshop in Tovuz brought a tremendous joy to all textile workers living in the district. It employs about 90 weavers. It equals the improvement of the welfare of 90 households. The office has modern working conditions for weavers. We have a beautiful and light workplace, and transportation to get to work. We used to make carpets in our homes before, but it is not possible to create this comfort at home for carpet weaving; besides, we couldn’t find any markets to sell our carpets. That is why people had decreased interest in carpet weaving. This art was about to be forgotten. The construction of the carpet workshop here provided job opportunities for weavers,” Nazila Hasanova, the weaver of the branch, says. She says no matter what they say won’t be enough to express their gratitude.

Young weaver Rumayya Agabalayeva learned carpet weaving from her mother at home and improved her knowledge and skills at the training courses organized by Azerkhalcha. She says that although she had carpet weaving skills, she decided to work in a different field, considering that it was not a potential workplace. The opening of the Tovuz branch of Azerkhalcha completely changed her plans. Now she is doing the work she likes in a workplace, in a modern office building, receives salary, and supports her family.

People with limited physical abilities whose health allows to make carpets are provided with jobs at Tovuz carpet workshop like in other branches of the Azerkhalcha Open Joint Stock Company.

Sadegul Mammadova, a resident of the village of Ashagi Gushchu, from Tovuz, who has a hearing impairment and can not talk, participated in the courses organized by Azerkhalcha to gain deeper knowledge of weaving.

Sadegul Mammadova is very happy with her work at the carpet production workshop in Tovuz and is therefore grateful to our government.

She can not talk or hear, but copies her feelings and "words” onto the carpets. Her workmates say that her self-confidence has grown after she started working at the workshop. Sadegul now looks into the future more optimistically.

The Tovuz branch of Azerkhalcha is expanding its work day by day. The number of weavers who want to work here increases every day. The weavers produce beautiful and high-quality carpets. Over 180 carpets of 700 square meters were woven here during the period it has been operating.

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