Last Year is Remarked as Successful and Productive for Agstafa Branch of Azerkhalcha

  • 08 January
  • 12:53
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08.01.2019 - 12:53

One of the branch offices of Azerkhalcha Open Joint-Stock Company, which started operating in late 2017, is in Agstafa region. About 100 weavers work at this carpet production workshop. 133 carpets in 557.36 square meters were woven in the branch last year. Azerbaijan’s Gazakh-Borchali group carpets are mostly made here.

Today, carpet samples from the Gazakh-Borchali group, the adornment of the world's most famous museums and personal collections, are precious examples of ancient Azerbaijani culture. Gazakh-Borchali carpets holds a special place among the carpets of Azerbaijan in which foreign collectors are more interested to obtain. These carpets, described as "secular", "mystical", "attractive," "unique," and "colorful" by Europeans have attracted attention since Middle Ages and have been reflected in many famous paintings.

Director of Agstafa branch Raya Eyyubova says the team works diligently to bring back the reputation of these carpets and weave examples worthy of carpets woven by our grandmothers. The purpose is to create new reproductions of beautiful Gazakh-Borchali carpets. We are convinced that the carpets made by the talented weavers today will have a decent place in the international carpet market, and will become the decoration of world museums. Our government created all conditions for the production of these valuable carpets. Agstafa weavers have never had a modern carpet production workshop similar to this. Therefore, the number of people who want to work in the branch grows every day.

The director of the branch office says that weavers pay close attention to the quality factor. They tie each knot with care as if they are weaving a carpet for their own home, or a dowry for their loved ones.

Like other branches of Azerkhalcha, most of the employees at the carpet production workshop in Agstafa are young. They mastered the secrets of this art at the training courses organized by the Company. Latifa Valiyeva, a young weaver, is happy to be a carpet weaver and is grateful to our government for the conditions created for them. She states that the establishment of a carpet production workshop in Agstafa makes the young people who are interested in carpet weaving very pleased: "This branch is a place of work for us, and a place to give life to carpet weaving, our national value. The specialists highly value the carpets woven at the branch by the young weavers. This means we were taught well at the training courses. We, young weavers, keep studying as well. The experienced weavers from older generations working here do their utmost so we could master these secrets more profoundly."

Irada Suleymanova, an experienced weaver, says that young people have acquired good carpet weaving skills. “Some of them weave better carpets than we do. When we see them weaving carpets, we are convinced that Azerbaijani carpet weaving is in safe hands and this art will be passed on to future generations. We owe it to our president that young people are encouraged to study carpet-weaving. If Azerkhalcha Open Joint Stock Company was not created, all this would not happen, and the art of carpet weaving would be forgotten eventually.

Irada Suleymanova speaks appreciatively about the conditions here: "There are good working conditions in the branch for the textile workers, and we have been provided with transportation to get to work comfortably. The rest - to work well and weave carpets worthy of Azerbaijan – is left to us."

Carpets are the products of both mental and physical labor. The results of last year's physical labor and intellect are successful and productive. This is a sign that the branch will achieve greater success in 2019.