Another Round of Preparatory-training Courses Organized by Azerkhalcha Concludes

  • 27 December
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27.12.2018 - 15:18

These preparatory-training courses now yield outcomes.

It is the outcome of the great care shown to the development of carpet weaving in our country in recent years that the carpet weaving workshops are being established in the districts of our republic. Creating such workshops and supplying them with raw materials are a part of the work implemented. Another important aspect is the training of the personnel. To train the staff, Azerkhalcha Open Joint Stock Company organizes preparatory training courses in cities and districts where branches are operating. More than 2,000 weavers have been involved in these courses.

Preparatory-training courses were organized in Fuzuli, Shamkir, Guba, Khachmaz, Ismayilli, Gabala, Tovuz, Agstafa, Gazakh and Aghdam districts in order to ensure the activities of the branch offices established in 2016-2017. About 1000 textile workers were given certificates and were provided with jobs in the branch offices of Azerkhalcha.

The weavers who will work in ten branch offices of Azerkhalcha established this year mastered the secrets of this art at the training courses, also. More than 1,000 weavers have been involved in the classes this year. Many of them have already started working in the branches of the Company after receiving a certificate.

The good thing is that most of the weavers involved in the courses are young people. Directing youth towards this art is a very important factor, because the survival of the carpet weaving art depends on the maintenance of this art by young people.

Weavers are very happy about the organization of these training courses. Huri Hajiyeva, a resident of Shilyan village in Kurdamir, who is taking part in the course in the district, says that carpets had been woven in the village since ancient times. Therefore, most of the women in the village are skilled in carpet weaving. However, after attending the course, they realized that they hadn’t been aware of many of the secrets of this art: "We were taught not only about carpet weaving here. We did not have in depth information about the history of carpet weaving of our own village, although we wove carpets in Shilyan for long years.  What I want to say is that we have learned both about the carpet weaving and carpet weaving history in the courses."

Shovket Jafarova, a graduate of Gobustan training course, expressed similar opinions: "Shirvan district is one of the oldest historical carpet weaving centers in Azerbaijan. Beautiful carpets have always been woven in Gobustan, our homeland - Chalov and Jayirli villages, where I live. This art was about to be forgotten due to the lack of interest in this art recently. The elderly generation no longer made carpets, and the young did not want to learn it. The establishment of a carpet factory in Gobustan returned our ancient handiwork to us. Tens of young people studied the carpet weaving in the courses here with us. This means carpet weaving will be maintained and transferred to future generations. We are very grateful to our president for providing us with jobs and his care for carpet weaving."

As we mentioned, the majority of the people involved in the Azerkhalcha training courses are young and they are very pleased to learn how to weave carpets. Rahima Amirova, a young participant of the course organized in Shabran by the Company, said: "Like most of my colleagues, I have learned carpet weaving here for the first time. It is true that some of the young people who came to the course had started weaving from their teenhood. They learned weaving from their mothers and grandmothers. However, they acknowledge that they have rediscovered carpet weaving here, and gained a deeper understanding of carpet art. We knew that if we successfully complete the course, we will receive a certificate and get a job at the Shabran workshop. One of the main reasons why we are learning the secrets of this art quickly is that the courses are conducted by experienced and professional weavers of Azerkhalcha. Now that the course ended, we received our certificates and got a job at the carpet factory in Shabran."

It should be noted that the preparatory training courses are provided with looms, equipment, raw materials, and relevant literature on carpet weaving. This round of courses has already been completed. The outcomes of these courses are praiseworthy: women who finish these courses and work in the branch offices of "Azharkhalcha" are distinguished by their professionalism and weave admirable carpets. 

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