Norwegian diplomat impressed by Azerbaijani carpets

  • 02 November
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02.11.2018 - 17:36

Olav Nils Thue, temporary Charge d'Affaires of the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Azerbaijan, visited Khachmaz branch of the "Azerkhalcha" Open Joint-Stock Company.

The guest was informed that this branch is one of the eleven carpet production workshops of "Azerkhalcha" in our country. The branch was opened in May this year with the participation of Mr. Ilham Aliyev, the President of Azerbaijan. More than 100 carpets have been woven here to date.

It was noted that modern working conditions for the operation of 150 weavers and 14 administrative workers have been established in the branch. The building consists of a textile workshop, an artist's room, a cafeteria, a medical room, a carpet-sale hall and other departments. Carpets in different sizes are woven on 43 benches in the workshop. The Azerbaijani carpets from Guba group are given priority here.

It was emphasized that this district that is ethnographically rich is one of the oldest places where carpet weaving traditions emerged and developed. The art of carpet weaving was successfully sustained in various villages here and has been handed down from generation to generation. The Guba carpets have historically attracted the attention of world scientists and travelers, and are now held in famous world museums and private collections. Different patterns reflected on the Guba group carpets are the manifestation of the world outlook and beliefs of the local people, and the keepsake of the historical past of this country. The color harmony of Guba group carpets created by the colors like white, black, red, navy blue, purple, yellow, blue, and green that are typical for all groups of Azerbaijani carpets gives them a unique beauty.

The artists of "Azerkhalcha" restore such ancient designs. The weavers make the original and beautiful carpets on the basis of these designs.

Olav Nils Thue expressed admiration for the carpets woven in the Khachmaz branch adding that the attention paid to the carpet weaving at the state level was praiseworthy.

The Norwegian diplomat was also interested in the export of Azerbaijani carpets to the world. The "Azerkhalcha" Open Joint-Stock Company conducts negotiations with companies of different countries specialized in this field. Azerbaijani carpets will be exported to USA, Japan, Russia and European countries in the near future.

Olav Nils Thue expressed his confidence that there would be a serious demand for Azerbaijani carpets in his country, as well.