New carpets produced on the basis of historical Karabakh designs at Agdam branch of "Azerkhalcha"

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01.10.2018 - 17:36

One of the branches of "Azerkhalcha" Open Joint-Stock Company opened in Karabakh region operates in Agdam’s Guzanli settlement. Over 80 weavers work at the carpet production workshop here. Most of them are the members of the young generation. The weavers learned the secrets of this art at the educational training courses organized by "Azerkhalcha." 490 square meters of products have been made at the workshop and 120 carpets have been woven as of yet. Weavers at Guzanli factory prefer to weave Azerbaijani carpets of Karabakh group. This also serves the survival of the historical Karabakh carpets.

Karabakh has always been famous for its highly artistic carpets. Farmers in the region provide the weavers with abundant high quality wool. This and the richness of the area with natural dye plants have pushed for the development of this field of art. The production of carpet products in Karabakh was widespread in the period of Khanates. This is proved by the collection of carpets and palaz for taxes from the villagers by the Karabakh khans. Carpet weaving developed in this region in the later periods, as well. However, the fate of this region's carpet making has remained under question after the occupation of Nagorno-Karabakh and seven adjacent districts by the Armenian armed forces. The launch of Azer-Ilme Carpet Company in the mid 90s of the last century with the support of the Azerbaijan government, and the establishment of the "Azerkhalcha" Open Joint Stock Company in 2016 allowed the Karabakh carpets to survive.

Aghdam branch of "Azerkhalcha" produced new carpets on the basis of artistic designs of the pile-weave carpets and flat-weave carpets woven in the 16-19th centuries in Agdam’s Shikhbabali, Seyidli, Poladli, Malikli, Eyvazli, Orta Gishlag villages, Kalbajar’s Agjakend and Jamilli villages, and Shusha and Khojali cities. Currently, the factory produces carpets on the basis of ancient designs previously woven in Giyasli village of Agdam. This carpet is the largest carpet woven in the Agdam branch so far.

Weavers, who used to work at the carpet factory in Agdam, were also provided with jobs at the workshop in Guzanli. Gülrabe Huseynova, one of those weavers, says that they had woven carpets at that factory before Agdam was invaded: "During our lives as the internally displaced people, we did not have the opportunity to weave carpets. The establishment of the workshops in the Guzanli settlement of Agdam and the Horadiz city of Fuzuli district in the recent years made the weavers of Karabakh region very happy. We are given jobs, and our carpet weaving art will survive. We are grateful to the head of our state for giving us this opportunity. Our only wish is to free Agdam from occupation, to restore the carpet factory so we can weave such carpets at that factory." Aghdam branch of "Azerkhalcha" expands its work day by day. The number of weavers who want to work here increases each day. All kinds of conditions have been created for the convenience of the weavers at the carpet production workshop and the branch is provided with a "Hyundai" bus. The construction of this building was launched in 2016 and the factory started operating in 2017. The construction works were performed with high quality. 150 weavers and 13 administrative workers are estimated to work here. The building consists of a textile workshop, an artist's room, a warehouse, a canteen, a medical room, a carpet sale shop and other sections.

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