About 1,000 square meters of carpet woven in Fuzuli branch of "Azerkhalcha"

  • 27 September
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27.09.2018 - 14:36

The branch of "Azerkhalcha" Open Joint Stock Company in Horadiz city of Fuzuli district was launched in November 2016. In the past, the carpet production workshop has expanded its work. There are currently more than 80 weavers here. They learned the secrets of this art at the educational-training courses organized by "Azerkhalcha." Most of the weavers are young people. 35 young people at the age of 30 or below work here.

Since its launch, 255 carpets of 950 square meters have been produced at this carpet factory. The weavers are the residents of both Horadiz city and different villages of Fuzuli, including those villages currently under occupation. The majority of weavers come from Horadiz city, Zobujug settlement, Bala Bahmanli, Boyuk Bahmanli, Araz Yaglivend and Babi villages. The weavers work in 43 benches of different sizes. To ensure the comfort of the weavers, the factory is provided with the necessary conditions, and the branch is given a “Hyundai” bus. The Karabakh group Azerbaijani carpets are woven mostly in the carpet-making workshop in Horadiz city. Currently, 34 carpets are woven in the looms.

As "Azerkhalcha" has been interested in the reproduction of the classic Azerbaijani carpets since the day it started operating, the first carpets woven in the Fuzuli branch represent classic Azerbaijani carpets, as well. It was no coincidence that one of the first carpets made here was based on the ancient "Dragon" design, which holds an important place in our carpet-weaving history. This design has a special place among the classical carpets of Karabakh. The "Dragon" carpets, one of the oldest examples of Azerbaijani carpet-weaving history, were woven mainly in the 16th – 17th centuries. The ancient examples of this carpet can be found in the world famous art museums and personal collections. A new carpet was produced in 2017 in this branch based on the 18th century "Dragon" carpet design stored in a personal collection in Paris, France.

Similar to other branches of “Azerkhalcha,” people whose health allows them to weave carpets are provided with jobs. All necessary conditions have been created for them. 32 year old Gulyaz Huseynova, the resident of the village of Boyuk Bahmanli of Fuzuli district, who is deaf, learned carpet weaving in the preparatory courses organized by "Azerkhalcha." The young weaver who has been working here for over a year now has woven 7 carpets during this period. She is very satisfied with her work here and is grateful to our government for the care shown to the people in her situation. Her peers say that all the weavers in the district are very happy about the establishment of the Fuzuli branch of “Azerkhalcha.” However, Gülyaz Huseynova is the happiest, because this carpet production workshop has completely changed her life. Gülyaz, now working in a team, looks to the future with greater hope and confidence.

Quality carpets are made in Fuzuli branch under the guidance of professional weavers. The weavers are enthusiastic about their work. There is labor competition in the workshop. Everyone is creative trying to work faster and to produce better carpets. This, in turn, ensures labor productivity.