The construction sites of the carpet production workshops and supply centers in the districts inspected

  • 14 September
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14.09.2018 - 15:55

The construction and reconstruction works in the premises of "Azerkhalcha" Open Joint Stock Company’s branches to be opened this year are underway. Carpet production workshops are currently being built in the Nardaran settlement of Baku, Nakhchivan city, Absheron, Gobustan, Shabran, Kurdamir, Goranboy, Tartar districts, and in the territory of Bilasuvar district where IDPs from Jabrayil district are settled. The carpet production workshop built in Lankaran is already ready for exploitation. In addition, the regional supply centers for wool and dye plants are established to provide carpet factories with raw materials.

On September 12-13, Vidadi Muradov, the chairman of "Azerkhalcha" Open Joint-Stock Company, visited the carpet production workshops in Absheron, Gobustan, Shabran and Kurdamir districts to observe construction work implemented there.

During the inspection of the carpet production factory in Gobu settlement of the Absheron district, it was reported that the masonry and fence construction works were completed in the building. At present, the communication lines of the building are being set up. Improvement works will be launched in the near future.

During the examination, instructions were given to accelerate the construction work and take the quality into consideration.

It was reported during the visit that the major construction of the workshop building in Gobustan city has been finalized and the roof cover has been laid. At present, communication lines and ventilation systems are being installed.

One of the five regional wool and dye plant supply centers established in our country will operate in Gobustan. The residents of Gobustan, Shamakhi, Ismayilli, Agsu, Goychay, Gabala, Oguz, Gakh, Zagatala, Balakan, Agdash, Zardab districts and Sheki city will turn in the wool and dye plants they produce to the supply center where the construction works are underway.

Taking into account climatic conditions of Gobustan district, the chairman of the board stated the importance of the completion of renovation works in the area in a short period of time.

Buildings constructed for carpet production workshop and regional wool and dye plant supply center in Shabran district were visited on the same day.

It was noted that the construction works are well underway in both buildings. Masonry and plaster works have been completed in the building of the carpet production factory. At present works are underway to construct communication lines of the building; ventilation system is being installed in the carpet workshop among other works.

Chairman of the Board emphasized that carpet weaving is a unique field and that carpet factories are completely different from other production facilities. He also emphasized the importance of paying close attention to the installation of the ventilation system. He added that the improper installation of the ventilation system in the carpet factories could have a negative impact on the quality of the carpets made here and the health of the weavers.

It was also stressed that the construction of the regional wool and dye plant supply center in Shabran is continuing. Metal construction works are being carried out at the supply center and an administrative building is also being built.

The main construction work has been completed at the carpet-making workshop in Kurdamir. At present, communication lines are being set up inside the building, facades are being covered with bricks, improvement works in the yard are underway, and a checkpoint is being built.

Instructions were given during the inspection to complete the construction work by the end of November.

It should be noted that the carpet production workshops and regional wool and dye plant supply centers are constructed by the EL-SEYM Inshaat Limited Liability Company. The Fakhraddin-K Limited Liability Company implements the brickwork of the workshop buildings. 150 weavers will be will be provided with jobs in each of the carpet production workshops. "Azerkhalcha" has already organized educational-training courses in those cities and regions for this purpose.

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