HALI to Cooperate with "Azerkhalcha"

  • 13 April
  • 12:38
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13.04.2017 - 12:38

Well-known HALI magazine, specialized in carpet weaving began cooperating with "Azerkhalcha" Open Joint-Stock Company. Beginning with its new 190th edition, the magazine will feature in its pages "Azerkhalcha", the company that is implementing the production of carpets and carpet products in Azerbaijan, their export, and sale domestically and abroad. Azerbaijani carpets to be woven on the basis of ancient patterns in the branches of the company in different regions of the republic will be advertised. The magazine will highlight the work of "Azerkhalcha" as the restorer and promoter of the traditional national weaving method, as the mass producer of handwoven carpets and the bearer of the ancient carpet weaving traditions in Southern Caucasus.

HALI magazine has been published four times a year since 1978 in London. The magazine publishes the opinions of carpet experts and collectors from different countries, researches on Islam and Eastern culture, news on textile and weaving fields, weaving technologies, exhibitions, auctions, and historical-ethnographic materials. It also features the work of world museums, leading companies and establishments of the international carpet market.