"Azerkhalca" continues preparatory teaching courses in the districts

  • 22 December
  • 10:26
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22.12.2016 - 10:26

"Azerkhalcha" OJSC Board Chairman Vidadi Muradov held meetings with the weavers of preparatory teaching courses organized in Tovuz, Gazakh, and Aghstafa regions. During the meetings, the current condition and problems of carpet weaving, ways of solution of these problems, as well as opportunities for further mass development of this art were discussed. Up to now, 90 weavers from Tovuz, 118 weavers from Gazakh and 141 weavers from Aghstafa have been involved in the carpet-weaving courses. The number of wevers is more in Bozalganli, Elimerdanli, Ashaghi Gushchu, Jirdakhan, Jalilli, Garakhanli, Khatinli, Dondar-Gushchu, Duzgirigli, Kiren villages of Tovuz, Janalli, Dash Salahli, Chayli, Gazakhbeyli, Agkoynek, Kommuna villages of Gazakh, Girili, Poylu, Yenigun, Ashagi Goycheli, Khatai, Dag Kesemen, Girag Kesemen, villages and Samad Vurgun settlement of Aghstafa regions. Along with professional weavers, the number of young weavers who just joined this profession is quite high. All the necessary conditions to learn carpet-weaving are established in the groups that are supplied with looms, relevant tools and raw materials.

The courses are provided with visual materials, textbooks and literature on carpet-weaving.